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The North Eastern Council (NEC) was constituted in August 1972 as an Advisory body under NEC Act. No. 84 of the parliament in 1971. The NEC was restructured under the NEC Amendment act. 2002 as a “Regional Planning body”. The NEC comprises 8 nos. of states namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura. The main objective of the Council is to ensure the balanced and integrated economic development of the North Eastern parts of the country. The NEC has funded for the schemes of vital sectors like transport and communication, water resources, power, health and FW, agriculture, industries & commerce, animal husbandry & veterinary etc. of the NE states with funding pattern of 90% grants and 10% loan to be borne by state govt. The NEC co-ordinate and prepare the integrated plan to meet the basic infrastructure requirement, mainly for the interest of the region.

The planning & development department is nodal department for Assam. NEC is generally funding projects for infrastructure development having regional character. NEC Cell of P&D department is working as a coordinating Deptt.. For this purpose with various Deptts. Line deptts. Submit proposals t9o P&D Deptt. After verification, P&D Deptt. Forwards it to NEC, Shillong for consideration. After sanction, NEC releases 1st installment on 90:10 basis. After getting U/C of 1st installment, through Planning and Development Department, NEC releases next installment.

Function of the Cell :

  • To consider and scrutinize the Five Year Plan as well as Annual Plan proposals submitted by different departments and recommended the selected proposal to NEC, Shillong with the approval of the government.

  • To consider and scrutinize the DRP (detail project report) as well as SFC (standing finance committee) memorandum/EFC (economics finance committee) memorandum / PIB (public invest board) memorandum and to forward the same, if found satisfactory.

  • To collect and compile the QPR (quarterly progress report) for physical and financial progress of NEC Schemes under implementation and to forward the same to NEC, Shillong and Govt. of India.

  • To arrange review meeting with different departments from time to time to assess the progress of the schemes under implementation.

  • To prepare draft speech for the Hon’ble Chief Minister in connection with the Council’s Meetings (held at least twice a year). Also to prepare draft views on Agenda Notes for the council meetings as well as steering committee meetings and other meetings arranges by NEC.

To initiate follow up action as per decision of such meetings to prepare/compile the following reports: :

  • Position of submission of audit certificates/utilization certificate by the concerned department.

  • Position of release of fund by NEC as well as State Finance departments.

  • proposals submitted to NEC under Annual Plan/Five year plan.

  • Budget proposals for submission to state finance (budget) department for making necessary budget provision in the state budget of relevant year.

  • Other reports as required from the time to time.

  • To consider and scrutinize various proposals for financial assistance under different NEC programmes submitted by Autonomous Bodies/Trust/NGO/Industrial Units.



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