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Plan Coordination
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Function of the Division :
The Plan Coordination Division under Planning and Development Department is the core Division as far as the formulation and implementation of the State Plan schemes are concerned. As a Core Division under Planning & Development Department, it maintains vertical relation with the Planning Commission, the apex body of Planning at the Centre and horizontal relation with the line Departments of the State in respect of formulation, implementation and review as well as maintenance / reporting of records on physical progress and financial achievements. The Division prepares draft Annual Plans and Five Year Plans as per the guidelines of the Planning Commission and as per needs and aspirations of the people. After finalization of the resources likely to be available for the concerned Five Year Plan or Annual Plan, this Division as a Core Division of Planning and Development Department quantifies the flow of funds for various sub-plans viz., Hill Plan, Tribal Sub-plan (TSP), Scheduled Caste Component Plan (SCCP) and Bodo Territorial Council (BTC) Plan. From the balance, the Department distributes sector wise Five Year Plan and Annual plan outlays for preparation of plan budget under General Areas.

The main functions of this Division are preparation of Five Year Plans, Annual Plans, their break-up into District and Sub-divisional Plans, carrying out periodical review of plan performance, removing bottle-necks in the implementation of plan schemes, assessing and obtaining central assistance from the government of India.

A list of subjects dealt with in this Division is given below:

  • Preparation of Five-year Plans, Annual Plans, District and    Sub-divisional Plans.
  • Co-ordination of Plan activities of different Development Departments.
  • Assessment of materials capital and human resources of the State including technical personnel.
  • Determination of priorities in respect of Five Year Plan Schemes and allocation of resources.
  • Assisting Development Departments in removal of bottlenecks in implementation of Plan schemes.
  • Advising in regard to suitable machinery for ensuring successful implementation of development schemes.
  • Watching progress of implementation of plan schemes and preparation of annual reviews.
  • Plan publicity.
  • Central assistance for implementation of Plan Schemes.

Other functions of the Division are :

  • Examination and approval of Sectoral Plan Schemes/Projects received from line department for issuance of sanctions.
  • Recommendation of fund for execution of sanctioned schemes/projects of the line departments to Finance Department for release of fund.
  • Periodical review of progress of expenditure & physical achievement of Schemes/projects of line departments in terms of target, aims and objectives.
  • Submission of quarterly & yearly progress report on expenditure to the Planning Commission for release of Plan Fund.
  • Physical verification & monitoring of selected schemes/projects as and when required.
  • Preparation of mid-term appraisal report of Five year plans.
  • Assisting Development Departments in removal of bottlenecks in implementation of development schemes.
  • Central Assistance for implementation of Plan Schemes.



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