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The main focus of the division is to make provision of information systems which will support decision-making in  Planning and Development Department and delivery of government services in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.   The  division also make assessment of hardware and software needs of the department and initiate steps for procurement of the same through general branch. Entrusted duties/works of the division are- management, maintenance and control  of department Local Area Network, its servers with all the nodes  and the NET connectivity with setting/resetting of IP addresses, management of department website with regular uploading and updating of the data/information through the hosting agency, capacity building of officers / staff of the department in basic IT applications like word processing, browsing, use of FTS, DTS and Library software, compilation of draft Five Year Plans and Annual Plans and other reports published by the department from time to time.

The Division in close coordination with National Informatics Centre (NIC) Assam State Unit and Assam Electronic Development Corporation (AMTRON) has to play a significant role to carry out following important functions:

  • Set frameworks and standards for the development of software applications for the department.
  • Enforce standards and procedures pertaining to the administration and management of software systems throughout the department.
  • Undertake forward planning and feasibility studies pertaining to the development and implementation of software solutions.
  • Focus on the development, implement and maintain software applications that respond to common needs of the different government sectors.
  • Provide end-user training and support of implemented solutions.
  • Provide support in the development and maintenance of software solutions to other divisions of the department.
  • Undertake the planning, coordination , monitoring and evaluation (complete project management) of software development projects being undertaken by third parties (outsourced projects)
  • Establish and enforce standards and procedures pertaining to ICT infrastructure within the department, implement and maintain hardware and software infrastructure systems of the department.
  • Participate in the training of staff in the use of infrastructure systems and the upgrading of technicians at all levels.
  • Provide technical support to events organized by the department when required.


Local Area Network of the Planning & Development Department:

The Department has already developed a highly structured LAN system with nodes extended to all officers and staff of the department. The present status is shown below:

Total Nodes: 130 Nos. ( 75% connected to PCs with internet connectivity in Block ‘F’ (P & D) & Block ‘D’(Principal Secretary’s establishment)

Software running /being introduced:

                a)  File Tracking System (FTS)

                b)  Dak Tracking System (DTS)

                c)  Tracking of Library Books (ALB)


Major Activities during 2010-11

Centralized Documentation Centre:

Process for setting up of a centralized documentation centre has already been started and requisition for all necessary devices for the same has been made. The Centre would be an extension of Computer Application Division with the following facilities as envisaged in the SMG meetings held under the chairmanship of Principal Secretary, P&D.

Ø  Scanners

Ø  Heavy Duty Laser Printers

Ø  Color Laser Printers

Ø  Basic Telephone with Facsimile.

Ø  Photocopier

Ø  PCs with internet connectivity through P & D LAN.


GIS Unit of P & D:     

At the initiative of Pr. Secretary and Secretary, a GIS (Geographic Information System) unit for the Planning & Development Department is visualized under Computer Application Division and already under process to provide map and survey related information to the line departments of the state secretariat and other state government organizations with a view to making the planning process more effective and. to create greater efficiencies towards several routine duties of various sectors. The GIS maps are spatially associated with database links to supply various forms of analysis for development departments and other agencies working under the state government control.

The process of setting up of the GIS unit is expected to be completed in two phases with necessary budget provision to meet the recurring expenses under the plan for the department.

Phase I   : In the first phase basic hardware and software requirements will be made available. Initially the unit should have the assistance from ARSAC, a subsidiary of  ASTEC and from the GIS unit of AEDC in respect of training of manpower / staff.  However, P & D contemplates for outsourcing expertise during the second phase for a full fledged unit capable of handling GIS related issues/matters professionally for its sustenance. Necessary provision has already been made for the 1st phase in the draft Annual Plan 2011-12.

P & D Website:   

Existing P & D website ( ) to have a facelift during 2010-11 with highly dynamic attributes and other features as enumerated below:

Website users

The contents of the web portal are for three distinguishable levels

·         General Public

·         Intra Department

·         Inter Department


Initiative for Functional Improvement through E Governance

Initiative for functional improvement of through E Governance- A daylong Training & User Consultation Workshop on Management Information System (MIS) for monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Flagship programmes and for Decentralized Planning Practices was held at Assam Administrative Staff College (AASC) Khanapara, Guwahati on September 27, 2010. The Planning & Development in association with NIC Assam State Unit has organized the workshop with a view to implement the government’s decision on E Governance initiatives for functional improvement, particularly for improvement of delivery of services to the citizens. ADCs in charge of District Development and DIOs of various districts of the state attended the workshop.

Inaugurating the workshop, Kumar Sanjay Krishna, Principal Secretary, P & D emphasized on the necessity of visibility in performance and accountability keeping in view socio economic needs. He further stressed on the need to equip the government machinery with modern techniques to meet the challenges in the face of changed socio economic environment.

The workshop was conducted by the Secretary P & D Shri Shyam Jagannathan.  Discussions were held in detail on the software ‘PLANPLUS’ – which was introduced to facilitate decentralized planning process through (a) convergence of the flow of funds from different sources, (b) by integrating the rural and urban plans to generate the district plans, to bring about total transparency in the plan approval process. Demonstrations on the use of Management Information System for monitoring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes, Bharat Nirman and Flagship Programmes were also held  for  online collection of information for monitoring of progress of Schemes at the district level. Other important topics discussed were progress of schemes under Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (NLCPR) and twenty point programmes in the Districts.




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