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Manpower Division is one of nine Divisions of the Planning and Development Department, Dispur, Guwahati – 6. The activities of this Division relate to research studies for assessment of manpower in the state. This Division organized training programmes on “Manpower and Employment Planning” for the district level officers in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Manpower Research. New Delhi.

Main functions of the Division:

Estimate of supply and demand of various educated and skilled categories of personnel and integration of estimates in to a consistent frame to the state as a whole.

  • To prepare periodically profiles of different categories of manpower. Particularly (a) Engineers, (b) Medical and Para Medical Personnel, (c) Agricultural Graduate, (d) Teachers, (e) Scientific Personnel and (f) other Educated Manpower.

  • Continuous improvement of data relating to Manpower by preparation of “Fact Book” on manpower.

  • Studies relating to supply to personnel of different categories of manpower and to suggest action regarding recruitment and training of personnel.

  • To maintain liaison with other departments concerning manpower, viz. the Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Industries, Education and Agriculture etc.

  • Assessment of employment opportunities generated by the plan programme.

  • Studies relating to employment patter in the state industry-wise for private and public sector.

Activities of the Department:

The main activities assigned to Manpower Division are research studies relating to assessment of manpower requirement in the state. The studies of this division are mainly related with employment generation, projection etc. At present this Division has undertaken the following activities:

  • Study on Manpower statistics.

  • Data base on status report on manpower requirement of the state



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