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Status of Innovative Schemes of P & D Department (2012-13)



Sl. No.


Name of Scheme


Amount Sanctioned/





Proposal for facilitating and coordinating the preparation of twelfth Five Year Plan Approach Paper on Social Sector in Assam by Omeo Kumar Das Institute of Social Change & Development (OKDISCD).


Director (PC) substantiated that the works entrusted to OKDISC was completed and the amount sanctioned and drawn  was  released to OKDISC. Necessary utilization certificate in detail is yet to be submitted by OKDISC. UC submitted.



Proposal for fund under plan 2010-11 being grants in aid to NRHM under the budget of DHS for Implementation of the scheme for Congenital Heart Disease of children.


The fund was already released to NRHM vide letter No. PDP/179/2012/13 dtd. 19/01/2013. U/C yet to submit. 



Proposal for study & Project on ‘Strengthening Conservation of  Dhansirimukh (Kaziranga) landscape through  Community participation in Agriculture & Allied activities’.


Fund released and being utilized.

80% works already completed. Detailed UCs to be submitted soon.  A Report under preparation. 



Proposal for setting up of Record Room and digital archival with retrieval system in P & D Dept.


During 2010-11 an amount of Rs.50,000/- sanctioned and drawn. However, the total project cost is Rs.9.83 lakh. Provision for necessary budget  for the residual amount of Rs.9.33 lakh is to be made in this year. Project is under implementation. Works in progress. To be completed on time (September’13)



Proposal for upgradation of Planning Atlas of Assam


The fund was already released to Director, Eco. & Statistic vide letter No. PDP/179/2012/7 dtd. 19/01/2013. U/C yet to submit..



Proposal for consultation for  statistical compilation and report generation


The fund was already released to Director, Eco. & Statistic vide letter No. PDP/179/2012/7 dtd. 19/01/2013. U/C yet to be submit. 







Sl. No.


Name of Scheme

Amount Sanctioned/





Proposal for Infrastructure Development and Strengthening of 4 nos  Zonal Field Units of Evaluation & Monitoring Division, P & D Department( at Silchar, Jorhat, Tezpur & Diphu)


DES has given to know that district offices of the Economics & Statistics Directorate are being renovated/under construction or the process for acquiring of land is on wherever  the directorate do not have their own land.  The Directorate would provide necessary space to the E & M division where the directorate have their own building/land. DES discussed the matter with Joint Secretary P & D who is also the Director E&M about the matter who agreed to provide fund for creation of infrastructure or any renovation if required from the fund available under the scheme.   It is also given to know that the Directorate already have ready infrastructure at Diphu and construction work of Jorhat Office is going on.   However, at Tezpur and Silchar the process for acquiring of land is on.



Proposal for Cane & Bamboo Craft Products to be implemented in Barpeta District.


Amount sanctioned and drawn  released to Deputy Commissioner, Barpeta.  Implementation of the scheme is under progress. UCs /detailed UCs are to be collected from DC Barpeta



Local district level projects in districts by DCP division.


Amount sanctioned/drawn is released to respective DCs viz. Jorhat(Malow Ali), Kamrup(M) ( Jalukbari) and Lakhimpur.75% , 100%, 50% work respectively completed. UCs yet to be received. The same to be collected within the current financial year.



Proposal for Human Development Report


Out of the total fund sanctioned/drawn approx. an amount of Rs.1,80106/ and3,50000/  only has been spent so far. Utilization certificate to be submitted.

State level workshop held recently (1-12-2012)



Consultation for proposal & DPR for SIPARM – State Institute of Planning & Resource Management


Amount sanctioned/drawn for consultancy is yet to be spent/utilized.

RFP for consultancy issued.Consultancy Organisation  selected

( PWC Pvt Ltd.)




Sl. No.


Name of Scheme

Amount Sanctioned/





Proposal for setting up of a GIS  Unit for  P & D with spatially associated database links to all its divisions  and…..


…… required rationalization of office space for the links and website up gradation

Rs.1,46,41,723/-(including Rs.2.00 lakh for website dev/




Out of the total amount sanctioned and drawn an amount of Rs.2.00 lakh spent/utilized for website upgradation. Utilization certificate ready for submission.


GIS unit & Space Planning :

For establishment of GIS unit of the department, a committee of secretaries constituted for the state’s GIS initiative by P & D under Chief Secretary’s directives. In the first meeting held on 21-09-2012 the committee decided to create the GIS lab of P & D. Accordingly the process for acquiring necessary infrastructure being initiated. The creation of GIS unit to be integrated with space planning of the divisions to enable all officers of P & D to have access to the spatially associated database through department LAN to their nodes. An amount of Rs. 3.59 lakhs was already paid to M/s Espace-Prakalpa as Mobilization Advance for layout design /drawing. Another amount of Rs. 4.96 lakhs were spent on installation of 6 ACs in P & D Department. Total amount spent is 10.55 Lakhs out of the total sanctioned amount of Rs. 1.46 Crore. Rest amount to be utilized soon as designed has been already approved by Principal Secretary.

Training of staff to acquaint with GIS software is in progress before procurement of the hardware for GIS lab. RFP for consultancy to be floated soon.




Proposal for DPR preparation for North East Equipment Development Bank 


Amount sanctioned/drawn for consultancy has already been spent/utilized as mobilization advance for transaction advisory. Necessary UC submitted to Director, PC Division.




Proposal for Perspective Infrastructure Development Plan for Assam etc


LoI is already issued to the selected Consultant for working out an action plan/DPR. Concurrence of Finance Department received. Sanction to be issued soon after signing the Contract Agreement.




Proposal for Regional Workshop on PPP


Workshop held successfully in February, 2012. An amount of Rs. 67,000/- is left unutilized. Detailed Utilization Certificate ready for submission.




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